About Kilburn

Kilburn business blog, an informative blog set up by the business owners for businesses, residents and visitors to Kilburn. The aim is to encourage and increase footfall and visitor trade into the area, to provide a platform for owners to promote their businesses and create opportunities for inter-trading.

Kilburn may have its roots firmly grounded in Roman times but Kilburn High Road has its sights set on the here and now. An area with strong Irish connections, it now boasts a truly multicultural feel with elements of Asian, South American and mainland Europe’s culture shining through. Its thriving music scene, character-filled bars, independent grocers and affordable fashion shops, make it a must for anyone who has an eye for a bargain or wants to discover the multi cultural London.

If the thrill of a bargain sets your pulse racing then look no further. With high street giants, such as Marks and Spencer’s and Primark, nestling alongside local grocers, pound shops, and fashion outlets, Kilburn High Road is the perfect place to make a winning purchase without blowing your budget. Kilburn’s vibrant communities are reflected in the diverse range of eating options available in the area. From English pub grub, Turkish takeaway to tasty Thai and traditional Italian eateries, the choices are bountiful.

Over the last few years, Kilburn has steadily been building an underground reputation as one of the best places in London to hear live music. With better known names, new and emerging artists play at smaller venues like the Good Ship, The Iron Works, The Bell pub, it surely would be an evening spent that could see you stum.



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